Emulsion Primer

Our environmental friendly emulsion primers are formulated to be odourless while ensuring quality and protective results are achieved. Made with high quality materials, our alkaline resistant emulsion primers cover fine hairline cracks, have superior water-proofing and washable qualities, preventing fungus growth. Our customizable emulsion primers are developed to provide the right colour base for the finishing coats. They are designed as a compatible foundation with our emulsion topcoats to ensure a longer lasting finishing.

Topcoat Emulsion

Poly-Poxy Coatings offers a range of interior and exterior paints for home and commercial spaces. Our fast-drying water based odourless emulsion topcoats are formulated with the best materials to provide walls and ceilings decorative aesthetics with added hard wearing protection, with exterior paints being UV resistance, mold resistance and weatherproof. Our customizable emulsion topcoats can be made to any desired colours and they are available in varying degrees of sheen, matt, eggshell and silk finishing.