Who We Are

POLY-POXY COATINGS was established in 1987 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a manufacturer specializing in customised wood coatings. The Company has come a long way since its inception, setting up operations in Vietnam, distributing coatings to both domestic and international clients, diversifying the product line to apply beyond wood substrates and expanding the market from Business to Business (B2B) to Business to Consumer (B2C).

What We Do

POLY-POXY COATINGS offers a wide variety of customisable coatings products that constantly evolves to meet our client’s requirement and operational condition, and is at the cuting-edge of the market in the development of waterborne products. We offer a suite of customisable coatings to provide solutions and to meet different customer’s requirements.

In addition to the continuous manufacturing of internationally recognised products and the provision of excellent customer service, we acknowledge the importance of continual improvement, sustaining the environment, welfare and wellbeing, health and safety of our employees, customers and consumers by complying with international standards. We strive to innovate and diversify the coatings that we manufacture in addressing global trends, demands and challenges, making us remain competitive in the industry.

Coating System & Technology

Waterborne (WB)

  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Ultra-Violet (UV)
  • Acrylic
  • Epoxies
  • Oil Stain


  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Ultra-Violet (UV)
  • Nitrocellulose (NC)
  • Polyester (PE)
  • Alkyd
  • Oil Stain
  • Vinyl




PVC / Leather



Concrete / Cement

People, Science & Technology

Our Team

POLY-POXY’s products are backed by a team of experienced technicians and researchers and along with our development laboratory, we are able to perform quality control checks, provide troubleshooting minimising client’s commercial risk, technical assistance and services on all of our manufactured products. We strongly believe that our business will grow with the growth of our people.

Research & Innovation

Research plays a key role in our business and it is foundation to continuous development. We work closely with vendors and suppliers on identifying novel and high quality materials and equipment/ technology to keep up with the fast-changing coatings industry. Innovation in the business has led to the growth and delivery of our sustainably-developed waterborne, environmental friendly coatings that is on par with the requirements of conventional solvent-based coatings.



have supported and used our industrial coatings         in Vietnam


based in our production sites & offices

30+ Years

of experience in the coatings industry