WotterTM Shine Wax is a specially designed cream wax that acts as a sealer to preserve, nourish surface against dryness, intensify colour depth and create smooth luster surfaces. Ideal for indoor applications, it is recommended for use on wooden antiques, cabinets, furniture, concrete and leather surfaces. Choosing this non-flammable, low-VOC waterborne product is a greener choice to maintain safer ambient air quality, minimising health and safety risks.


UV-curable coatings have been proven to provide advantages in terms of reducing production speed and line length, rejection rates, having unlimited coating pot life and improving chemical and physical properties. UV coating is cured through chemical cross-linking of photo-initiators upon absorption of ultra violet energy emitted by UV- rays, creating strong chemical bonds for the coating.

the waterborne UV curable coating has the ability to create high gloss level finishes and enables good viscosity control allowing better flow, leveling and penetration in comparison to the solvent-based UV curable coating. The application of this coating poses only minimal or no volatile organic content (VOCs)/ hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) hazard towards the production environment. However, the waterborne coating has a lower build finishing due to lower solid content in which indirectly impacts the drying time prior to the curing of waterborne UV coating.