Even though the market is gradually transitioning to the application of more eco-friendly coatings, the coatings market is still mainly dominated by the conventional solvent-based coatings. With more than 30 years of experience in the coatings industry, Poly-Poxy Coatings has manufactured and delivered high quality solvent-based coatings using carefully selected quality raw materials.

Poly-Poxy’s solvent-based coatings are available in single-pack and two-pack systems in clear or pigmented, gloss or matt, textured or smooth surface finishes. The coatings are developed to deal with difficult and demanding situations complying with stringent standards and requirements.

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer an extensive range of solvent-based coatings which includes primers, undercoats and topcoats in the following systems:

UV-curable coatings (UV) have been proven to provide advantages in terms of reducing production speed and line length, rejection rates, having unlimited coating pot life and improving chemical and physical properties. UV coating is cured through chemical cross-linking of photo-initiators upon absorption of ultra violet energy emitted by UV-rays, creating strong chemical bonds for the coating.

The solvent-based UV curable coating is well-established and understood by most in the coating industry. It contains high solid content and it has an exceptionally rapid curing, faster than waterborne UV-curable coatings, lowering energy consumption for the curing process. Our UV curable coatings are used extensively for flat surfaces that require smooth finishes, and it is developed to promote the curing of edges further improving the application process.

Polyurethane coatings (PU) are a two-pack system that is formed from the chemical reactions of the base part and hardener. Polyurethane coatings possess quick drying properties, great elasticity, excellent bonding and UV stability making it very durable and weather resistant, thus suitable for coating various kinds of material surfaces – wood, metal, glass. they are one of the most commonly used coatings system in the coating industry and is suitable for the application on furniture and fixtures.

Our coatings are extended to cater to all requirements to create excellent aesthetic finishes that are designed with superior strength to withstand daily use.

Nitro-cellulose coatings (NC) are an easy-to-use one component coating that is suitable to be applied on surface that requires antique or elaborate finishes. The coating is relatively inexpensive and dries quickly and hence it is the preferred choice for refurbishment or renovation projects. However this system is limited by its lower physical and chemical resistance in comparison to other coating systems, making it unsuitable for outdoor and high specification products that is built to last.

To meet the market demand, we offer a wide range of nitro-cellulose coatings including sealer, basecoat, topcoat that is available in matt, low sheen, gloss or high gloss finish.

Acid curing coatings (AC) is a two-component cost-effective and flexible coating that is used for indoor products. It is fast-drying, allows easy sanding and bears a long pot life making it a desirable system for the furniture industry. These coatings are available in clear and pigmented finishing at various sheen levels for smooth or textured surfaces to suit all requirements. The new formulated formaldehyde-free acid curing coatings have led to this systems becoming popular again among customers in the coating industry.
Acrylics coatings having thermoplastic characteristics are noted to have good light fastness, good hardness, flexibility, quick drying properties, resistance to yellowing and excellent clarity. They are commonly used for finishing that requires high transparency to enhance the aesthetic of the products. These easy-to-use coatings can be applied on an extensive range of surfaces ranging from wood, glass, metal to plastic through air or oven drying. Our acrylic coatings are available in a comprehensive variety, ranging from transparent and pigmented, matt and gloss acrylic coatings.
Polyester coatings (PE) is a three component high solid content coatings that offers a great coverage, suitable for high end finishing. The coating is ideal in achieving thick surface coatings with good physical and chemical resistant properties. Polyester coatings is commonly likened to polyurethane coatings in terms of its hardness. Polyester coatings can achieve better hardness due to the higher solid content but it is not as flexible. Polyester coatings are limited by the short pot life and thus the need to prepare as much as required. Poly-Poxy Coatings offers a complete range of polyester coatings, from transparent to pigmented to fulfill customers requirement.
Epoxy coatings are typically a two part component in which are mixed prior to application, one part being the epoxy resin and the other the hardener. Both these components are mixed to enable cross-linking to form the coating. The selection and combination of the epoxy component and the hardener component is crucial in determining the final characteristics and suitability of the epoxy coating for a given environment. If catalyzed and applied properly, the coating is known to create excellent hardness and chemical resistance. At Poly-Poxy Coatings we provide an extensive range of epoxy coatings, pairing up the components compatibly to ensure that the desirable finishing will be achieved according to our customers’ requirements.
Oils can be made from synthetic natural or raw materials. They are easy-to-use, fast drying and are commonly used to refurbish and restore the aesthetic of the applied product. These products can easily be cured through air drying and is a one component coating that does not require hardeners. Oil based coatings do not form a layer like other coating systems; instead they penetrate the substrate and protects the wood and it can be formulated to provide a very high level of water resistance.
Thinner are used to adjust the viscosity of the coating to optimize and facilitate the application of the coating. They are also effective as a clean-up solution for your coating equipment. Hardeners are required for two-component (2K) and three-component (3K) products in which they are crucial for the reaction with the binders in the coatings. Our hardeners are specially selected to complement the coatings to achieve customers desired finishing.